Who was Alexander?

Alexander Hohol -our school's namesake, was a Halton student who attended John T. Tuck Public School.  He loved his family, travel, trying new foods and his school.  He was known for being kind to everyone, engaging and including all his peers.  He was respectful towards his teachers -he had a positive attitude and worked hard- even though he wasn't a perfect student!.  But, sadly, in his Grade Eight year, he passed away in his sleep.  His school community rallied around the family and worked together to promote his name to be chosen for our school.  

The Hohol family has been an important part of our community since we opened.  The family has attended every graduation ceremony since we opened to present the Alexander Hohol Award to one of our graduates!  Our library contains several of Alexander's favourite childhood books and the Hohol family has visited over the years to share our story with friends and family.